Team history

Airsoft in Blatnice was established in 2006. Over time, the team changed the number of players, commanders philosophy of training and associated names: (SSFB -Secret Special Forces Blatnice / December 2007 /, 1st SFOD-D ACR DELTA Force ACR / December 2009 /)

In 2006, actively worked in a team of more than 10 people. During this period we have gained experience in events - Ebola, Desert Storm, Bonanza, campaign of Sahrani mission Fury?enko, Broken Sword II Prometheus, Op. Flashpoint and others.

Team at present

At present the team Contractors Alliance has about 20 players. CA not imitate any real drive, or another group. Focusing on the unit PMC is due to minimal restrictions on gear and equipment (see contractors creed). Each member of the CA selects their gear with respect to the location and type of operation. Our training we try to focus on all kinds of challenges and struggles that we may encounter. Areas of our activity are the Outer Western Carpathians, namely the Slovak-Moravian Carpathians. If it's necessary, we set out to expeditionary missions outside the area.

Future of team

In the future we will try to establish a civic association and take on the most powerful members and try to organize a bigger event AS.

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